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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ladies, it’s time to know your tatas and get touchy feely!

You know your breasts better than anyone else, so if you don’t already check - now is the time to start. Early detection is the best prevention Honey. So take off that little lace bra and follow these three hot tips to checking your breasts before your lover arrives!


Time to get wet! Put your left hand behind your head, and with your right fingers, use small circular movements to feel your left breast. At first feel lightly, checking for anything near the surface. Then press firmly, feeling for anything deeper. Continue around the breast, checking all areas. Remember to examine above your breast, up to the collarbone and out below your arm. Then do the same for the right side!


Don’t throw on that racy set just yet! Stand with both arms at your side and check yourself out in the mirror. Pout your lips, blow yourself a kiss and begin to look out for anything that doesn’t seem normal - changes in color, size or shape, any dimpling of the skin or of the nipple. Then put your hands on your hips and push your shoulders forward to flex your chest muscles and raise your hands above your head to check for any lumps or changes.


Get on that bed, Honey! Lie flat on your back then bend your knees and turn them to the left. Place your right arm under your head. Your breast should now be as flat as possible. Check your breast the same way you did in the shower. Now, do the same on the other side.