Country Preferences

How to choose your size:

  • Select your Honey Birdette Bra size from the table below. E.g 10C, this means you are in row 4 highlighted in yellow (the cups on each row are sister sizes and are all the same cup and wire size).
  • Now select the size you are in our bottoms from the top row highlighted in yellow. E.g XS.
  • Your ideal size in our swimsuit will be an 8D.


  XS/S S/M M/L L
1 8A      
2 8B 10A    
3 8C 10B 12A  
4 8D 10C 12B  
5 8DD 10D 12C  
6 8E 10DD 12D 14C
7   10E 12DD 14D
8     12E 14DD
9       14E